Impact Stories/መልካም ውጤቶች

AT The Queen Zewditu Memorial Hospital Winter Community Volunteer Service Opening Ceremony

Thank you all for helping us implement The Addis Foundation Sponsorship Program !

Celebrating the completion of the SCPDA /Boarding School

Service and Care for People with Disability 


Celebrating the completion of the SCPDA /Boarding School

A beautiful living and learning environment for our students

Partnering for  noble causes

Addis Foundation4vision- 2024 's First Quarter Report.pdf

Well Accomplished Mission Trip Led  by Eskedar, Ambassador of Addis Foundation for Community Health-Dallas Metroplex!

በአምባሳደር እስከዳር  የተመራው የሁለት ሺህ ሃያ አራት/2024   የመጀመሪያው ተልኮ ስኬታማ ሆኖ ተጠናቀቀ!

Impact Report 2023- Voice Reporting  Amharic 

Impact Stories

We are on  the Voice of America Program-Amharic(VOA). 

We'r grateful for the opportunity for getting information on our good work reaches to a larger audience!


ADDIS News- August 2022

The ADDIS Foundation for Community Health donated over-the-counter pain relievers, vitamins, and personal care items to Baysh Kolfe program members. 

Also, through our relationship with international non-profit organizations, ADDIS Foundation for Community Health donated instructional materials they need to properly train nurses.the Nordic Nursing Program accesses free, high-quality, evidence-based nursing course content.

The first ADDIS Vegan Plates (Ethiopian food) Program to connect with our donors was a success! We raised more than we anticipated. The kindness of people is heart warming! On behalf of my team, I thank you  from the deepest part of my heart! የመጀመሪያው ከደጋፊዎቻችን ጋር ለመገናኘት ያደረግነው  የአዲስ ፉውንዴሽን ቪጋን (የኢትዮጲያ የፆም ምግብ)  ዝግጅት ስኬታማ ነበር! ካሰብነውም በላይ የሆነ የገንዘብ ድጋፍን አግኝተናል! የሰዎች ደግነትም ልብን በደስታ የሚሞላ/ ልብን የሚነካ ሆኖ አግኝተነዋል፡ በቲም አዲስ ስም ጥልቅ  አና ከልብ የመነጨ  ምስጋናዬን ለሁላችሁም አቀርባለሁ፤፤

Thank you!

ADDIS Vegan Plates (Ethiopian Food) 

Pleased to announce that our first delivery/pickup is on Saturday, August 22nd, 2020! We plan to do this on a monthly basis. let us know when you would like to try!

Healthcare workforce capacity building, community health and education, and focusing on resourcing blind individuals  who  need support

ADDIS  partners with  health care professional training colleges and universities in Ethiopia to bring  sustainable solutions to the ongoing problems of visual impairments.

On a recent trip to Ethiopia, Debrework Damte, Founder of ADDIS Foundation for Community Health , was awarded a certificate of recognition by the government of Ethiopia.

Healthcare Workforce    Capacity Building

ADDIS Foundation for Community Health/አዲስ የማህበረስብ ጤና ፋውንዴሽን recently partnered with Baro-Gambella college  to combat the ongoing low vision/ blindness issues in Ethiopia. Because of the generosity of international organizations, we were able to bring  free sustainable evidence based nursing and public health course materials/ resources in the school.

promoting free evidencebased courses

Healthcare Workforce    Capacity Building

Noridc Nursing School

Healthcare workforce capacity building by equipping  colleges/universities with necessary instructional materials they need to adequately train nurses.

Through our relationship with international nonprofit organizations,  Nordic Nursing Program  access to free and  high quality evidence-based nursing course contents 

A 30 minutes consultation with the Founder and  CEO of Nurse International, Miriam Chikering in February of the 2019 opens  unimaginable doors of opportunities for sustainable solution in preventing blindness through a healthcare professionals workforce capacity building  programs.

We take pride in establishing connections with Nurse International. With their help, we are able to bring valuable evidence based nursing  and public health science curriculum to higher education institutions in Ethiopia! 

Health care worker capacity building throguh supportig nursing programs and donation of free Evidence-based nursing carriculum

ADDIS partners with the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB). 

Together, we promote our  shared missions: ensuring basic education for blind children and adults through distributing assistive devices,  braille materials and other essential resources.

We are humbled to make our first shipment of braille paper continuous feed that enables ENAB to produce braille books in Amharic and other local languages for their students! 

(March 25th, 2020)

White Canes Distribution Program at the Ethiopian National Association of the Blind (ENAB), Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  (January 2020)

The impacts of your donation gives relief and hope:

Below are some of the heart felt statements from the audience: 

"you gave me my eyes back, “ኣይናችንን መለሽልን"Aynachinen melshelin

 "you gave me my one eye back/  ኣንድ ኣይን መሽልኝ" and aynenen meleshiln"

"the canes must be God sent/ ዪህ ዱላ ከግዚኣብሃር የመጣ ነው/ yhi dula keigziabher ye meta new"

  "thank you for the canes/ኣመሰግናለሁ/ amesginalehu"

"we also have more needs/ dulaw tirunew, bizuneger yasfeligenal"

There is enough in the world; sharing brings  solutions!

A certificate of recognition from Baysh Kolfe, a local humanitarian organization in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (January 2019)

ADDIS Foundation donated over the counter pain medications, vitamins, and personal care items to members of Baysh Kolfe.In (January 2019)

Building ENAB's Capacity to Respond to Covid-19/Corona Virus (April 22/2020)

We are pleased to award a certificate of recognition to Befekadu, who served as  a Board of Directors /treasurer of ADDIS Foundation for Community Health! Oct.17/2020

Certificate of Appreciation

Our Impact In Reducing The Incidence Of Preventable Blindness In Ethiopia (10/22/20)

Preventing preventable blindness is one of the missions of ADDIS Foundation for Community Health by implementing various preventative measures. Through our vitamin A Distribution Program, our organization recently made Multivitamins available to the Queen Zewditu Memorial Hospital for distribution to individuals who are at risk of blindness! 

Additionally, Paracetamol(antipyretics) donated to the Queen Zewditu Memorial Hospital to support the hospital's effort in mitigating COVID-19 complications!

We are grateful for our supporters' continued support and generosity for helping us sustaining valuable eye saving programs for our clients who have no other means of getting it.

 Thank you!

Debrework Damte MSN, RN-BC Founder & President 10/22/20

ADDIS Foundation For Community Health Success Journey Dec.2018-October 2020.pptx

Arts & Baskets available for best offer

Positive News- our website is live

The Board of Directors of ADDIS Foundation for Community Health (አዲስ ፋውንዴሽን) is pleased to announce that we launched our new website! Many thanks to all individuals who helped us build our website. A very special thanks to our friends Miriam checkering and her team members Grace and Andres and Elaine Tymarch, for their outstanding support. Because of them, we developed the website free of charge to our organization!

Please take a moment to visit our website to see our significant accomplishments since our establishment in 2018. I hope you will find our work inspiring!

Please help us spread the news by sharing the website link with your friends and families.

Visit our YouTube Channel by searching for addisfoundation4vison.

Thank you for your ongoing support! አናመሰግናለን!

Debrework Damte MSN, RN-BC, PHN

 Founder and President of

 ADDIS Foundation for Community Health

November 15/2020



Copy of Ethiopian Food to Feel Good_flier December

We are still taking orders for Addis Vegan Plates-Fundraising Program Through Experiencing Ethiopian Food

We are encouraged by the number of orders we have received so far: many thanks to our colleagues, friends, families.

We are still taking orders for pickup/delivery on Saturday December 12th, 2020.

To place your order, contact us.:

Information on what is included in Addis Vegan Plates can be obtained from

Have a great week!

Debrework Damte MSN,RN-BC PHN, Founder and President

December 7th, 2020

Our  fundraising event through experiencing Ethiopian Food  on December 12th, 2020 was a success and  pleased to hear people loved the food!!! Thank you all who support the cause!!!

Thanks our volunteers for the amazing work you do!!!

We are pleased to share the Report  below from September 1st 2020- December 31st 2020!

Meeting June 2nd 2021

ADDIS Good News Mengistu Final Draft.docx

Team Addis-Directors & Development Committee members

Meeting held  via in-person and by phone.

                ADDIS Vegan Plates/የፆም ምግብ በየኣይንቱ 

         Fundraising Event on Saturday,September 18th, 2021

Baro Gambela moma Nn'te.MP4

Listen to the beloved Mama Ngete about her new eyeglasses  

Baro-Gambela Graduating Student.MOV

Graduating Baro Gambela College students

Enhancing  awareness of our mission among  Ethiopian Community -Dallas Forth-worth