Program-1: preventative & curative medical managements

  • Promoting eye health through the promotion of personal hygiene, sanitation, good nutrition including the widespread use of moringa (shiferaw/ሺፈራው) for nutrition including Vitamin A.

  • Distributing Vitamin-A to individuals experiencing the deficiency of Vitamin A and of high risk of vision impairments. Supporting local healthcare agencies such as the Queen Zewditu Memorial Hospital that treats at risk individuals

  • Empowering people to seek for medical advice-no waiting. Time equals vision!

  • In the future, we hope to bring medical team to work along with health professionals in Ethiopia to correct reversible blindness.

Distribution of vitamins and personal care items to elders at a program conducted in coordination with a young volunteer group “Baysh Kolfe”

(January 2019, Addis Ababa,(Kolfe sub city), Ethiopia)