Improving The Lives

Of People With

Visual Impairments

ADDIS Foundation for Community Health is for educating blind children and adults and preventing preventable blindness in Ethiopia. We use a comprehensive approach that includes medical management, emphasizes healthcare workforce capacity building, community health and education, and focusing on resourcing those who are affected by visual impairments.

Medical Management

Time equals vision!

ADDIS Foundation for Community Health visions every patient who needs eye care receive immediate medical treatment with no waiting.

Healthcare Workforce Capacity Building

Prevention is better than cure!

Training healthcare professionals ensures sustainable solution to vision impairments. Healthcare professionals, including nurses have opportunity advocating for resources to get to individuals and communities in need. Promotion of good personal hygiene, proper hand washing practice, environmental sanitation, and balanced nutrition, prevents preventable vision loss.

Empowering Blind Children And Adults

Education is power

Education is a powerful tool to empower our children and adults who are suffering from blindness! Providing them instructional tools (example: white canes and braille materials) and basic necessities such as food and clothing, helps them attain skills and training they need to be productive members of society.