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We are  tax exempt

Organization Information:

Name: ADDIS Foundation for Community Health

Founder: Debrework Damte, MSN, RN-BC, PHN


Seven Board of Directors

Five Members of  The Development Committee. 


Social Media:  Facebook ,instagram, Tik Tok & YouTube search us using addisfoundaton4vision

ADDIS Foundation for Community Health is exempt from federal income tax under IRS 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-exempt as provided by law. FEIN 83-2752912

We value transparency and seek to follow nonprofit best practices. That means  more than 80% of our annual budget is dedicated to our programs. As our organization grows, we anticipate that an even larger percentage of our budget will be dedicated to our programs.

Please help us reach our 2024 budget of 19,000 so that we can make a difference in the lives of blind people across Ethiopia!

For any specific questions, suggestion, and to learn more about how to become involved in our program, contact Debrework Damte at 

Impact Report-2020


ADDIS Foundation for Community Health aims to ensure education for blind children and adults and prevent avoidable blindness in Ethiopia. In 2020, ADDIS Foundation for Community Health has reached a significant milestone that is filled with substantial accomplishments in administration, fundraising, and program areas.  

 Program Report-2020

*Through our white cane distribution program, 50 blind individuals received guide canes. The recipients were extremely grateful and supper exited for the cane helps them  maintain their independence walk safely and freely. Some of the feedback from the recipients are: aynachine endetmeleseln yahel new/You gave me my eyes back, “ኣይናችንን መለሽልን"Aynachined melshelin, you gave me my one eye back/ ኣንድ ኣይናን መልሽልኝ/ and aynenen meleshiln/, the canes must be God sent/ ዪህ ዱላ ከግዚኣብሃር የመጣ ነው/ yhi dula keigziabher ye meta new/, ኣመሰግናለሁ/ amesginalehu, thank you for the canes, we also have more needs/dulaw tirunew, bizuneger yasfeligenal.)

*Distributed braille instructional materials (slates and stylus, abacus, etc.) to 40 students. 

*In effort to mitigate Covid-19 complications, over 30 blind individuals received temporary shelter, meals, masks, and personal hygiene products.

*Through our blindness prevention program, we reached the Queen Zewditu Memorial Hospital-

                       * Medical supplies

                         *Financial support to cover  the cost of a year supply of Vitamin A  supplements for 25 patients

Program Report for the period of September 1st 2020-December 31st 2020

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Impact Report-2023

                             Presentation of the 2023 's Impact Report (in Amharic Language)