Program-3: ensuring basic education for blind children and adults /Braille Matters

Distributing assistive devices and braille materials. Food and clothing are in needed 

Building capacity of  the Ethiopian National Association of The Blind (ENAB) through material and financial support to accomplish our shared goals: ensuring education to blind children and adults and end preventable blindness.

Individuals with  vision impairments  are resilient, beautiful and  striving members of the society. Because of lack of education, most live on the street relying a minuet incomes such as begging on the street.

Resources:canes, braille materials and basic necessities for  people with visual impairments.

Your donations give our children, brothers, and sisters the education and training they need to live a happy and independent life, the most rewarding in life!

Our goal is every blind person achieves his/their highest potential and lives a happy and productive life. We aim to achieve these goals by providing necessary and ongoing support. 


White canes give confidence to people with visual impairment to safely and independently walk. To maintain independence, we aim year round distribution of guide canes to those in need of one.

The shortage of instructional and other resources is among the significant reasons that prohibit blind people from getting their education. We strive to ensure instructional aids enhance students' success. Your gift helps us achieve these goals.